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Have you ever gotten home after a vacation or event, and taken a look at your photos and noticed cut off heads, non-centered pictures and nothing you could really use? Even a selfie takes a little skill, and who wants bad pics of themselves floating around?

I had to seek out a man coach on photography to help answer the question, so I grabbed my buddy David Rosen and posed the question, How do you take a great photograph? His answer is below. Enjoy!

Allen Branch

How Do You Take a Great Photograph?

How many times have you gotten back from vacation, looked at your photos, and thought… I wish I would have gotten closer or composed the photo differently?

As a professional photographer for over 25 years, I am going to give you two tips that can at least get you the right mindset when taking a picture.

Think about this-

Composition:  When you look at the image you're creating, whether with a camera or a cell phone, take 10 seconds before you press the button and look at the viewfinder or phone.  Ask yourself, am I too close or too far away? Am I cutting off someones head or legs?  Look and think before you take the photo.

Content:  Are you taking photos of scenery or of people?  There are literally hundreds of tips to be given here, but the best advice I can give is stop and think before you take the photo.  Think about how you want the image to look and the feeling you want conveyed.


Great advice David! Thanks for your time!


David Rosen with Photo Innovations,, has been creating timeless portraits in the triad for close to 25 years.  He can be contacted directly at 336-577-0547.