How to Buy a Used Car | The Man Coach

How to Buy a Used Car | The Man Coach

If you are among the thousands of people looking for used cars, but don't have the first clue on how to buy or what questions to ask, then you’re in luck.

Hello, my name is Marc Golden. I help operate a used car dealership and have been on both sides of the tracks. Before becoming a car salesman and dealer, I also was just an uneducated buyer. With the years of experience I now have, I will teach you a few things you should know about buying your next used car.

The first thing you need to do is not fall for the “fast talk”. Make sure to start your car buying day early in the morning so you don’t have to rush before the bank or the DMV closes. You will have all day to not only look at the car, but to drive it and to slow the car salesman down from trying to rush you into something. Don’t let the salesmen rush through the car buying process for you. Remember, this is about you and what you need, not how many cars he needs to sell. You're worth the extra time to just slow down and think.

Another thing you need to do is make sure your test drive is longer than just five seconds. Some cars will seem fine, but after 30 minutes or so will start to show its true colors. For example, overheating, fluid leaks, or other mishaps could occur after time. So, once more, take your time and actually drive the car long enough to see if everything checks out for you.

Make sure after you drive the car around for a while, you have a mechanic look at the car as well. Not just an old shade tree mechanic, but someone that has a lift to put the car on and look under, over, and all around the car. Remember the saying, “buyer beware,” you have to make sure that you have everything checked out, you like the car, and that it meets all your needs-not just your wants.

So, after you have done all these things, it's now time to go back into the office and talk numbers. Remember, don’t ask the price of the car  when you first walk up on the lot; save that for the end. Remember after you talk numbers, you're locked into what ever number you agree on as far as negotiations go.

Before you drive the car and take it to the mechanic, it's pointless to talk money. You might think the car is worth one price, but after looking it over and driving, you find out it needs something that takes the value down when you have already “agreed” on a price. When you bring that up, your salesman will say that you already agreed to pay a set amount. No talking of money until you have done your homework on the car.

Now the final step is to ask a few more questions. Does this car have a recent inspection? Is the title clean? Has it ever been in a wreck? Do you have a car fax on it? Does it come with a warranty? A salesman will tell you all day long that the car runs perfect. So, with that said, if it truly runs perfectly he should not have a problem giving a warranty. Make sure the warranty is free. If they want to have you as a customer bad enough, they will do what it takes. Don’t be shy to ask for it for free.

Now you should be well educated on buying your next used car and have the tools you'll need to make an educated decision. Use your judge of character, because although there are some bad car salesman, there are a few good ones. Not only be on the lookout for the bad guys, but for the good guys too. When you do find a good one and you follow these steps you will be another happy car owner.

Marc operates C&H Auto in Kernersville, NC. He is also a pastor and aspiring MMA fighter. He is definitely someone we want on the Man Coach team. He can be reached for information at 336-564-5204.