ABS by 50


ABS by 50


Excerpt from ABS by 50

The fitness fads of today are too many to mention. The great thing about them is that at least people are up off of the couch and moving. I'm sure that many people have been helped by these various programs. But, for whatever reason, all of these programs combined have still not been effective in reducing America's obesity rates and preventing joint pain and injuries.

We base our system off of the hundreds and hundreds of testimonials and clients of all ages that we have trained in a 25 year period.

We want to be sure that we are following no particular fad, but stay within the confines of a system so that we can balance out the body, and create symmetry for the person who wants to improve longevity and be able to perform over time.

The idea in my opinion is to train for performance. If you are training to properly move all muscle groups in the body while elevating the heart rate for cardio health, you are achieving fitness. There are many definitions of fitness, but for the purpose of this book we are going to use the follow- ing.

Fitness: The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.

This description does not fit the model that is being set forth in the world of fitness today. Training on an exercise machine while sitting down and walking endless miles on a piece of station- ary cardio equipment is not preparing you for any task.

I am a believer in the idea that your exercise program should improve your ability to move and function in your world. The synonyms of fitness, good health, strength, robustness etc. should all be enhanced as a part of your efforts in an exercise period.

Your fitness program should not be based on a common fad or something you find out of a fitness magazine. Your fitness routine should be systematic, and develop your muscle groups and movements in a balanced fashion.

It really is very simple to design a fitness program when you understand our system of train- ing. Each workout will have balance, will improve lean muscle mass, and give you a cardio workout. Putting your program within the parameters of our system will help you be more effective and save time in the gym.

Looking at fitness in this light should change your viewpoint. Fitness is no longer heading to the treadmill for another wasted 20 minutes for a jog while watching television. A strength training workout should no longer consist of lying on a flat bench pressing away as many times you can, and then staring at your muscles in the mirror while you decide what to do next.



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