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Be More of a Man

with The Man Coach.

I work with a lot of men who come to me desperate to get themselves back in the game. As young as their early 30's, they have lost muscle mass, sex drive, athleticism, interest in life and just about everything that they feel makes them a man.

What happened? How do men go from robust teenagers to aspiring twenty-somethings to worn out, depressed souls searching for meaning and a way to someone get themselves back in the game of life?

I'm Allen Branch, the Man Coach. My job is to help men everywhere begin the journey back. Back to the feeling of confidence, the feeling of adventure and the return to manhood.

We deal with many different issues as men, especially as we grow a little older and begin to look back at what we used to be. We all want the fountain of youth, and the claims to help us regain our earlier days are littered with misinformation.

I am going to help you find answers. We are going to sort through the questions that we all are asking and maybe some that we are afraid to. In the end, the goal is to find that we know ourselves just a little bit better than we did before.

Stay tuned. It's game time, and I need you playing, not sitting on the bench!

Allen Branch "The Man Coach"

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Allen Branch is a Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach and holds a Performance Enhancement Specialist Credential with the NASM. He holds Black Belts in 5 styles of martial arts, and is also a writer and proud father of two, Kinza and Jeffrey. His wife Olinda is probably the most patient person on earth. :)


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